Now I have a biopsy slated for next Friday. Enjoy this picture in lieu of actual content!

PSA (Two)

PSA (Two)


A YA sff novelette, where a young woman fights for her homeworld.


I head towards the hospital to see my specialist in three hours’ time. My heart is jumbled up, my emotions tangled. Today she will explain to me the scans and why I have to see a breast specialist next week.


I know that the Kindle Rider and Speaker books have formatting issues. So, I kindly divert your attention to my Gumroad site:

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Full moon fanart…


Older girl’s fanart where Marianne, Jan Xu’s younger sister, slept under the glow of the full moon. Was a challenge.

She did pretty well!

“An urban fantasy set in Singapore? Never!”


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Originally posted on A Wolf's Tale:

Face it, the shelves (physical and online) are overwhelmed with urban fantasy stories all set in the Northern Hemisphere. Jim Butcher, Simon Greene, Charles de Lint, Kelley Armstrong, to name a few. And these are the more well-known names in the urban fantasy genre.

I looked hard for stories set in Southeast Asia (and I dared to hope – Singapore). Found none. Zilch. Nadah. Granted that Liz Williams wrote something about Singapore Three, but I wanted something I could connect to. Something I wanted to see.

[I was more ambitious. I wanted to see urban fantasy stories set in Singapore by Singaporean authors (or Southeast Asia). Nope. Maybe I was living under a boulder...]

So, as a challenge, I hammered out a novel for Nanowrimo 2009. I had just given birth, my baby was two months old (and still needed my full-on attention). Writing a novel, an urban fantasy set…

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Story up on Luna Station Quarterly

Birth of a Child:

Vietnamese mermaids!

Chapter Twenty-Eight of Xiao Xiao

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