So, I started submitting stuff again.

With work being work, and my health being – well – dramatic, I have started submitting stories again. I had another scan done today – the technician was confident and the procedure was done in about 20 minutes. Now, it’s nervous waiting for results.

But, yes, I started submitting stories.

A snippet of it:

I wonder how Singaporean honey tastes,
You know, does it taste
Like car fumes, cigarette smoke
And urban housing as thick as forests
Over taking real trees and real flowers
That still grow along the roadside
Brave like the sun.

Chapter 4 of Starfang is UP!

Chapter 4: Captain Francesca receives a message.

A nice review of RIDER

in the April issue of Approach Magazine!

Health scare (not)

The scan came up clean. Negative. But my specialist, being ever cautious, slotted me for another scan on the 24th this month.

So, health scares are not funny.

Starfang chapter 3…


Boosting this up again!

Originally posted on A Wolf's Tale:

…is up and running .

We are also looking for fan art!

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In the papers and Vellum & Ink

I was in the local Chinese papers yesterday!

And… due to work commitments, Joelyn Alexandra has left Vellum & Ink. I am now helming it. Give me some time to get it organized again.

Cover Reveal: ‘Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories’ & ‘Insignia Vol.1.’ Promo!

Originally posted on The INSIGNIA Series:

Insignia: Chinese Fantasy Stories is coming soon! We’re just finalizing the list of stories and proofreading etc now. I thought I’d share the cover today :D


This volume is a little shorter than the Japanese anthology, but we have six stories with mixed themes and  sub-genres for you.   We can’t wait to share more details and story excerpts in April!


 If you don’t have a copy of Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories yet, now is your chance to grab it on sale! We’re dropping the price to $1.50 on Smashwords and all Amazon sites until March 31st. That’s half-price!



Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon JP

Amazon AUS



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Starfang chapter 3…

…is up and running.

We are also looking for fan art!

A nice review of “Of Oysters, Pearls and Magic”

On Tungsten Hippo


Sneak peak!


Interim cover for Halcyon Days, sequel to Dark Claw, an urban fantasy spinoff series set in the Jan Xu Adventures world. This series focus on Gabriel Sutherland, the half-drake, half-Lung (Chinese dragon).

Dark Claw:

Halcyon Days:

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