Chapter Twenty-Two of Xiao Xiao

… where someone has cold feet… claws!

Chapter Twenty-One of Xiao Xiao

The truth in me.

In memorium

Oh Philippa, I missed you. Today I found out you had passed from this realm, because of ovarian cancer.

You were my mentor, a great teacher – and now I know – and a talented SF writer. You gave me a book on feminist SF on my MA graduation day. That knowledge nourished me for years.

Good bye. I couldn’t say goodbye to you. I hope my words wing their way to you.

Thank you thank you thank you so much for being a teacher, a mentor and a role model whom I looked up to.

Chapter 20 of Xiao Xiao

… where Xiao Xiao is sick with fever.

Chapter 11 of Starfang!

We are almost at the end of the serial!

Rescue comes with a price.

Chapter 19 of Xiao Xiao

Kidnapping attempt!

And also check out the awesome cover!

New cover art for Xiao Xiao

Done by a talented local young artist: Shelley Low! Gorgeous, right?!


Chapter Eighteen of Xiao Xiao


Test-running a novelette



Pay if you like!.

Xiao Xiao (Master Post) redux

Boosting this up!

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