Vellum & Ink

Vellum & Ink is a collective, formed by Joelyn Alexandra and me, to promote genre fiction in Singapore, provide links and more literary goodness. We also provide literary services like editing.

I offer writing services for individuals or companies. Payment-wise is 0.25 SGD per word.


Copy Editing
I will identify grammatical and typo errors/issues. Key areas will be sentence structure and flow. Payment-wise is 0.50 SGD per word. Clients can also negotiate a lump sum or deposit payment. That applies to non-Singaporean clients.

Extras: Developmental editing – if clients want further analysis and editing for their manuscripts or essays. Focus will be on tone and structure (essay) and character development and critique (fiction manuscript). Payment/pricing is negotiable.

Interested, contact sabersger at gmail dot com (for writing and editing queries)

Payment will be done via Paypal.

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