I am excited!

Cover reveal and TOC

Will be in this awesome anthology

With a sterling TOC

July updates

June is over, thank the goddess. As of now, we are still combating the very contagious Delta variant. All of us are battle-weary. Singapore has decided to move on, vaccinate everyone if possible, and treat Covid – in time – as an endemic disease. We are all still wearing masks, maintaining our social and physical distance, and washing our hands. 

I launched my card reading services for real. So, if you have a pressing question and want answers/guidance/directions, please send me a message here (for Patreon patrons) or email me at the address provided in the card reading post

I finished a draft of a novella!

I still haven’t gotten the energy to illustrate anything, including my Mice.  For this, I really apologise because I did say I would work on my Mice and art. 

So what do I have in store in July?

1. Mice (hopefully).

2. Card readings.

3. Edit my novella draft version 0.1.

Official cover reveal and TOC!

I am proud to be part of this amazing line up!


We have exactly SIX months left – and it’s already been a rollercoaster ride.

Singapore’s facing a spike in covid cases driven by the South Asian variants – and BOY, my anxiety is back. I don’t like this feeling, because I thought 2021 would be a nicer year. But it turns out that 2021 is just 2020 pretending to be a new year. Anyway…


1. I am still waiting for Fire Heart‘s pub date. 

2. I have a story with stompy stompy big robots coming up soon.

3. I might do more frequent card readings (like make it more like a career/service)

4. Mice. 

I have a new story in this…



Seasons Between Us

Preorders HERE.

Out today and 99c!

AMAZON link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B093C82WBN

OTHER LINKS: https://insigniastories.com/mythical-creatures-of-asia-insignia-drabbles-3/

Merry Month of May updates

April. Oh, April. Came and went in a rush – it was an eventful month. It marked one year (for me) when I found myself isolating from a suspected case of the dreaded scourge. Though it might just be a sinus/bacterial infection, I was given a mandatory 5-day quarantine by the doctor and the day it ended, Singapore went into lockdown. 

I got vaccinated. Despite the confusion and disinformation bs waged by news agencies and social media, JUST GET VACCINATED. 

Starfang is going to be made into an  audiobook! 

So, what do I have in store for you for May?

1. Still waiting for Fire Heart‘s pub day.

2. Writing.

3. Fire Heart‘s things. 

4. Random (!)


Scribd has acquired Starfang (all three books). Starfang is becoming an audiobook.

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