Doc called. Report ok. No cancerous cells.


Update: surgery went well!

Surgery went fine! I came out of GA feeling as if I had slept the best sleep in years. I was anxious though before I went into the OT, and the hospital staff were all so kind and efficient. And compassionate, offering me reassurances and keeping an eye on me all the time. The best thing was that bestie dropped by to visit and spouse was such a rock of Gibraltar.

I am probably going to take a couple of days to rest. I am starting to feel sore now, since the GA is wearing off and my body is having a “oh wait, what?!” moment.

Thank you so much for your support and – best of all – purchases of my books!

May 2020

Fire Heart will be published in May 2020.


Happy release day!

SwiftTheChase_FC (2)


Dragon Bike KS is now LIVE!

I am excited to announce that the Dragon Bike KS is now live and we have ONE month to get it funded. It’s an anthology of feminist SF stories with bikes AND dragons. My story is a dragon-racing one with a twist!

October updates!

What a September! Mid-Autumn Festival! Writing my first history assessment book! And getting a “might be pre-cancerous” diagnosis from my ob-gyn who then scheduled me for surgery (biopsy) on Oct 14.
This October, I might be scarce, especially from the 14th onwards. Wish me good luck and that everything is actually Fine.
1. Big Medical Thing.
2. Rest.
3. Hopefully, edit (if I have the energy).
4. Hopefully, write Book 2 (of history assessment series).

Oct 14

… I go into surgery for a biopsy.

Oh universe, can you stop throwing curve-balls?

And the forties is a bitch.

Wish me luck.

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