July updates!

So, Singapore has now entered Phase 2 of reopening safely and already the case count is growing. We are also going to have a General Election. So cue all the drama, mudslinging and finger-pointing. Plus it is also a trash fire on social media with the outing of abusers and harassers.
Gosh, we need integrity IN our industries/fields.
What’s in store for me in July:
1. I am still in limbo when it comes to cover and pub date for Fire Heart.
2. More writing, when I get over my burn-out.
3. Kidlit stuff.
Again, things might change with the fluidity of the pandemic. Please stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands. Physically distance yourself from people when you are outside.

So excited!

And an awesome TOC too!


… Been having a semi-hiatus for almost a week now,  but it’s not going well. It’s like I can’t rest, when everything around me is burning down or demanding recourse and justice. I had to pull a story from a journal whose EIC seems to have thrown their lot with misogynists, harassers and racists.

So I am having conversations with people and with myself about abuse and harassment in the various industries we navigate. It is a needed conversation because throughout this week, accounts of abuse and harassment have been surfacing in many fields: comics, publishing, wrestling etc.

To cope with the shock and the sense of betrayal (even people in their 40s can be fooled), I have drafted a manifesto, of sorts. Perhaps one day I would be comfortable enough to share it.

Hopefully, I could embark onto a full hiatus by next week. Fingers crossed.

*contains me*

Where I talked about Dragon Physician and Singaporean SFF.

*heart eyes*

People like Dragon Physician.

Oh wow! 


Stay safe, wear your mask, wash your hands.

Multispecies Cities TOC reveal!

Includes me and an awesome list of authors: here.

June updates!

So, on the 1st of June, our lockdown (nicknamed “circuitbreaker”) is lifted and Singapore is slowly re-opened in phases. I still don’t feel fully confident, because the virus is such a wily and adaptable (opportunistic?) thing. I am anxious. My spouse is going back to teach and my kids are going back to school. Spouse reassures me that they would be issued PPE – but even with the most adequate protection, this virus still finds its way in, the moment the guard is down. As an ex-teacher, I stand with the teachers, especially when it comes to re-opening the schools. It’s not over. We are not even out of the danger zone.  (Of course, I see other countries happily reopening and now they have spikes!)
But May saw some happy things. I released two kidlit books.  Selfpubbed, of course.
People won’t care in the long run. At least I pubbed them, since publishing isn’t going to change overnight, because pandemic
So, what has June in store for me?
1. Time is so elastic now that I don’t know if I have goals. Perhaps, send the second book of my YA fantasy duology to my editor. (but first book still doesn’t have a pub date).
2. Draw Mice. (Duan Wu Jie falls on the 25th of June).
3. Work on promo (for the selfpub books and Fire Heart).
4. Don’t panic.

Well, something is afoot…

Pearl of the Palace


Happy release day!


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