Chapter Six


“Bodies floated. In the darkness of space they looked like specks, snowflakes at night. These bodies didn’t die happy. They were petrified, frozen in moments of fear as their air ran out. They had tumbled out of a gutted ship. There were hundreds of them.

I muttered a few verses from an oft-chanted sutra in my childhood. Perhaps the verses would help their crossing-over easier.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Six

A short snow bunny flash

Snow Bunny, a short flash inspired by a gorgeous picture.

Chapter Five


“It was a derelict ship.

I stared at it. I had it magnified on the view-screen. The ship had the generic design and make of a Clan ship. A minor Clan, by the looks of it. Score marks. Darkened parts that hinted of laser fire. It had been floating for a long time.

No survivors. That I was sure. One or two months. That long in space. Dead spirits lost in the ether.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Five


Thank you for your reviews and support!

I love the fact that people love Sun Dragon’s Song.:)

Thank you so much for your reviews and support!



Runner-Up in Best Young Adult

I was pleasantly surprised that Xiao Xiao & The Dragon Pearl won Runner-Up in Best Young Adult at the eFestival of Words.


Well done to all the winners and the nominees!

Sun Dragon’s Song #1

is now available for comics reviewers on Netgallery.


I am in awe of Kim Miranda for her awesome beautiful art. She brought Ho Yi’s world to gorgeous vivid life. And I am also grateful for the opportunity given by Rosarium Publishing. You folks rock!

2016 Finalist Seal

I finally got this:


Going to see if I could find time (weekends are busy for me) to attend eFestival of Words.:)

Chaser, available for limited time


Chaser, (The Rider Trilogy, #3)

Li-Fang is now the Speaker of the Quetz, as well as a Rider. Determined to find out about the enigmatic flora and fauna of the planet, she sets up a research center right in the middle of Quetz land. The storms are coming and they are turning more severe. What is happening to the planet? Can Li-Fang and her beloved Hunter find out the reasons why Jin is turning against her human colonists? Is time running out?

The third and final book in the Rider Trilogy, Chaser is an exciting adventure in the land of the Quetz. 

Chapter Four


“I was relieved when the month was over. Starfang was ready for her tour-of-duty. I read all the updates from the different departments, signed off and made final suggestions. This time, she had a new rig and firing system.

Find Yeung Leung, I promised myself. Kill him. Avenge the Pack. Avenge Mariette.

Redeem myself. Pull April away from whatever was eating her.”

Claw of the Clan: Chapter Four

The House.

A semi-autobiographical flash.

The House.

A house stood in the middle of this forest/over-grown garden opposite the flat where I stayed in. It was an old abandoned bungalow house. But of course, I was too little to know what a bungalow was. To me, it was just a big house.

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