Gorgeous cover!

The Book of Love!

March updates!

It’s my birthday month! (Was born on the 1st! – so rabbit, rabbit!)

I am reducing participation on Twitter the hellsite. I guess I am hundred percent done with the book deals/persistence threads from people who should know better. Tell this to marginalised people elsewhere. Look, publishing is pretty much a privilege game and it’s not a meritocracy. 

So, what do I have in store for March?

1. Work on my 40K story.

2. More Mice (I promise).

3. Fire Heart stuff (for Patrons)

This is a gorgeous cover!


Oh hey, I am in this too!

The Fox Spirit’s TOC of BOOK OF LOVE.

BE ME release/launch!

The gorgeous cover by Guia Ty was apparently inspired by my story Saints & Bodhisattvas! The beautiful layout was done by Arkin Frany.

Editors are Joel Donato Ching Jacob & Daphne Lee.

Cover for BE ME: LBGTQIA+ Stories of Belonging

It’s FREE and you can read the anthology here or here.

Happy Lunar New Year!


Cover reveal for Multispecies Cities!

The awesome cover is by Rita Fei!

It’s ready for pre-orders.

Pre-order Links: https://books2read.com/multispeciescities
or https://www.worldweaverpress.com/store/p176/Multispecies_Cities.html  

Official pub date is April 13th!

Cover reveal for BE ME!

BE ME cover reveal!!!

An awesome LGBTQIA+ anthology edited by Joel Donato Ching Jacob & Daphne Lee.

Gorgeous art by Guia Ty.

Layout by Arkin Frany.

Chapter Two is up!

The Rabbits Set Off

An early New Year gift!

Happy launch/release day!

The sense of completion!

The Dragon Sisters Complete Omnibus is launched today!

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