Writing in spurts.

I have been writing in spurts.

In between looking after my two girls and assorted household/work/family obligations, I have been writing. Mostly in thirty or forty-five minutes sprints, interspersed with baby minding and keeping an eye on an active six years old. I have tried the all-nighter (after managing to get the two girls in bed, whew!), but I have realized that I do not have that energy to do a marathon anymore.

So, it’s spurts/sprints/whatever now, when it comes to writing.

But boy, you can do a lot for spurts. Tight beam focus, trashing out a scene or dialogue – and you have it: a good solid four hundred words or more. Yes, it might be small for some (and this, I salute you – you have time). But for me, it is good enough.

2009 projects!

“The Basics Of Flight”.
“Phoenix With A Purpose”.
Winged: A Novella Of Two Girls.
Of Oysters, Pearls And Magic.
The Book Of Phoenii.

2009 recap! (plus a quick January addition)

“A Matter Of Possession”, Crossed Genres, Alternate History, Issue 9.
“Moon Maiden’s Mirror”, Semaphore Magazine, September Issue.
“The Trouble With Dragons”, Verb Noire.

“And Chang’Er Flew To The Moon”, Bards And Sages Quarterly, January Issue.