Every Day Fiction.

Every Day Fiction. My story “Cogwork Cat” will be appearing on May 20th.


I might end up removing the urban-fantasy-set-in-Singapore. Sorry folks. đŸ˜¦

Do novellas sell? Or that do novellas written by a non-USian author sell (because said story is set in Southeast Asia)? Are novels better than novellas?

Forgive me. I am rambling.

And I also write…

… about nature-based/Pagan spirituality, besides sf/f.

Check The Peridot Path and Walking The Equator Dream out at Forest Walk.

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NLB’s review of Winged.

NLB’s review

“The settings of the alternate realities in Winged are truly imaginative and are arguably its best aspect. Unfortunately for The Basics of Flight, the details of alt-universe England were included as notes at the end of the story instead of being fleshed out in the story itself. The writing is also beautifully crafted but could be simplified to better suit the stories’ target audience (teens) and the genre (as it actually distracts from the story’s content).

The novella could do with meatier plots and more action, but if you like fiction about character growth, you might want to give Winged a shot.”

Can you make this look better?

Can YOU make this look better? Prize? Preview chapters AND cover credit when the book nears its end and becomes a complete novella.