SPORE-Con and SFF!

SPORE-Con is finally over. Two days of gaming, SFF panel and general good fun. The multi-purpose hall was arctic cold though. Had to wear my Jedi robe (which is comfy warm), but I ended up coming down with a dripping nose. Managed to find the medication for it.



It was intimate and cozy, but the discussion flowed and questions asked, answered. I will come up with something more detailed, once I get my thoughts organized (like herding cats).

In short:

The trick now is to form an unified front. You know, being serious about it, being a proper group and all. More – of course – when I have recovered from the con. šŸ˜‰

And WOOT! I actually signed something. Not my books, but a short story (“The Sound Of Breaking Glass”). Oh MY GOD! šŸ˜‰ I think I will live off the euphoria for a week. *LOL* But now, it’s back to the hard yakka: WRITE.

[and kidwrangling and work – yes, I will be starting work soon as a teacher]

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