Keeping at it

When I started work (once more), my writing took a backseat. My creativity was channeled towards work-related writing. I was determined to go back to (proper) writing.

Gosh, it was hard. Downright hard. I would stare at the computer screen and words trickled out. Not a torrent. Not a flood. A trickle. On good days, I get a tiny stream.

Why am I writing this post?

Keep at it.

No matter how frazzled you are with your dayjob, keep at it. But be gentle to yourself. Know your limits. I stare at the computer the whole day and when I get home, I am just too tired to face another computer screen. So I do other things, like gardening or just plain chilling.

But writing is a discipline. Write at least 200. 500 is a bonus.

Easier said than done, you fume at me. Yes, it’s true. Different people work differently. And it’s best not to compare yourself with others. This is your own writing path, not other peoples’.

So, keep at it. Keep on writing.

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