Were? Shifter? Semantics.

The wolves in my urban fantasy series can be considered “werewolves”. Likewise, they can be shifters. When I first started writing and the world of the Lang grew in my head, the idea that they were actually wolf-weres became stronger.

For people who play D & D, you might be aware that wolf-weres are actually wolves who can shift into human. I think there are authors who have explored this concept as well in fantasy and paranormal fiction.

Yes, the Lang are wolf-weres, of sorts.

Yet, I sometimes wonder if we as authors are splitting hairs when it comes to terminology. And if so, why?



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  1. Diandra
    Oct 09, 2010 @ 08:43:42

    I think it’s important to split hairs when it comes to terminology. After all, words are all we ahve to kidnap the reader and drag them into our own worlds…


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