Anyone for an UF con?

Yes, you heard right. An UF (Urban Fantasy) convention for indie publishers and small presses.

This nugget of an idea popped into my mind after ruminating on the possibility of having an UF con (sparked by a tweet by Stacia Kane). Then as I mulled over the whole concept, I thought: “Why not indie publishers and small presses?”

Why? Because indie publishers and small presses have to work extra hard when it comes to reaching out to their readers. The big boys of publishing can have the luxury of marketing (they have departments for it…).

So, yes, an UF con for the little guy and gal. At the moment, the idea is still very nebulous. We need a lot of work on this. The ideal kickoff for it is 2011.

Likewise, this convention will be online/digital, because like it or not, not all authors or con attendees can travel. Ideally, I would like to fly all the way to the US, but distance does matter.

If you are keen/interested about having an online UF con, if you are an indie publisher or small press, if you write UF for small presses, then signal boost, get the word out. We have the resources. We just need to get ourselves organized.

For me, I tweet regularly. The best place to talk about UF and cons is at #UFchat. Or if you like, do feel free to email me at sabersger at yahoo dot com.

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