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Culture Share: Singapore Qing Ming and Seventh Month – no, they are not Halloween from @jolantru: here


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At Wayward Drui’s.

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In Broadly Speaking (podcast)

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Interview with Wayward Drui

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“Wolf At The Door” excerpt.

It all started with a phone call from London.

A homecoming is always greatly welcome, a nice break from the monotony of the year.

We all waited for her to arrive, the elder wolves seated around the mahjong table, talking about previous hunts and bragging about their kills, the younger pups playing soccer in the garden. The entire clan was there. The pack looks after its own.

I noticed Mother airing the guest room. “Huh?”

“She said that she was bringing a friend. Another student.” Mother’s eyes gleamed and I could swear that she was thinking “boyfriend.” I had to suppress a grin: Father and Mother were getting old and their time as alphas was ending. They probably couldn’t wait for their replacements to take over the duties of pack leadership.

Blog post at SF Signal!

UF in Singapore – Why Not?

Cover love!

This is a request/idea-that-struck-me-from-nowhere.

For folks who have my books on e-readers (be it Kindle, Sony, iPad etc), take a picture of yourself holding your e-reader with the cover of my book you are reading.

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From Avariel:
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Singapore Steampunk

Here, here, here

We exist and yes, we rule. 😉

A bit of writery updatia.

Hi hi, everyone!

Just a quick writery updatia:

Recorded my first podcast interview with Broad Universe. It was quite an interesting experience. I was so nervous! And my voice. Eep! LOL!

And I made Winged and Oysters, Pearls and Magic available on Amazon Kindle:


Oysters, Pearls and Magic

And it’s Read An Ebook week! 🙂

New Cover Art for “Winged”?

Like it? Hate it? Ambivalent?