Speaking Out

I think everyone, by now, should have known about the story of the school teacher being outed for being an erotica author.

I reacted with shock and anger and horror, because that’s the awful truth of it all: teachers are not allowed to be have private lives. Teachers are supposed to be sweet, harmless and boring. Teachers are supposed to wear chastity belts the size of Jupiter and act like Disney princesses – all sweet and sunlight.

We are not supposed to have private lives.


As contrary to popular belief, we have lives of our own. I write, because I love writing. I write, because I will write and should write and will continue writing. June Mays should continue writing, regardless of narrow-minded parents and reporters. June Mays should continue writing and inspiring her students, because believe or not, she is walking the talk of an English teacher.

Sister, I have got your back.

And to all teachers who are also writers, WRITE.

Review of OPM (Oysters, Pearls and Magic)!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. *touched*

Two weeks in.

It has been two weeks after my book release. I am touched and gratified at the responses of my friends, and how they like the story of Chinese werewolves (or wolves, for that matter) blending into the Singaporean landscape.

Swarmed as I am with work now (wow, marking never ends…), I find myself wondering about graphic novels and continuations. Book 3 is now a WIP, about 7k now – time is so precious, so dear these days. I discussed the logistics with my husband last night. The graphic novel is do-able. The only thing is to get the right artist and me to adapt the novel to a graphic/comic format. Another suggestion he threw at me was a web-comic.

“All I need,” I said to him, “is time time time.”

The idea of Wolf At The Door as a graphic novel is still very tempting. So, what do you think? Should it be done?

Red Dot Diva!

Red Dot Diva!

WAtD at Book Bites, with good questions!

Book Bites looks at the launch and asks good questions regarding genre fiction in Singapore

Gorgeous pictures and blog post!

The lovely June (of The Magical Harkow fame) has posted a blog with gorgeous pictures of the launch and the delicious food: Double Yum!

If you want to know how I sound like…

… and a bit of spoiler (for Wolf At The Door): here.

Many thanks to Serene! 🙂

Book Launch/Party at The Garden Slug – 14th April 2011

I am still buzzing with joy at the moment. The book launch/party at The Garden Slug was a success, granted that I was a little nervous (hehe). The VK gals were a tremendous support and not to mention my friends from Twitters and the SFAS and Spec Fic mailing lists. You guys rock!

The Garden Slug had great food! And we had quizzes (with chocolates bars, Hershey’s Kisses, printed copies of chapter and prologue, and autographed cover prints as presents!).

What touched me was that Tina (@syzzlyn) printed two copies of the cover for me to sign. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Many thanks for the card too!

Now, the pictures:

Tina and me posing for the camera

Avariel and me with iPad!

Signing iPad!

Reading from my e-reader…

Once more, a heartfelt thanks to those who attended: the VK gals, Tina and Serene, TC Lai and Anders Brink, Sivaroobini and Mint Kang, Dominic and AG. Also to the Bear, my husband. 😉

“Howl Always”!

Now I am blushing…

The wonderful and sweet @tumblenc did a Youtube plug for me: here.

Now I am really blushing…

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