Two weeks in.

It has been two weeks after my book release. I am touched and gratified at the responses of my friends, and how they like the story of Chinese werewolves (or wolves, for that matter) blending into the Singaporean landscape.

Swarmed as I am with work now (wow, marking never ends…), I find myself wondering about graphic novels and continuations. Book 3 is now a WIP, about 7k now – time is so precious, so dear these days. I discussed the logistics with my husband last night. The graphic novel is do-able. The only thing is to get the right artist and me to adapt the novel to a graphic/comic format. Another suggestion he threw at me was a web-comic.

“All I need,” I said to him, “is time time time.”

The idea of Wolf At The Door as a graphic novel is still very tempting. So, what do you think? Should it be done?

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