Speaking Out

I think everyone, by now, should have known about the story of the school teacher being outed for being an erotica author.

I reacted with shock and anger and horror, because that’s the awful truth of it all: teachers are not allowed to be have private lives. Teachers are supposed to be sweet, harmless and boring. Teachers are supposed to wear chastity belts the size of Jupiter and act like Disney princesses – all sweet and sunlight.

We are not supposed to have private lives.


As contrary to popular belief, we have lives of our own. I write, because I love writing. I write, because I will write and should write and will continue writing. June Mays should continue writing, regardless of narrow-minded parents and reporters. June Mays should continue writing and inspiring her students, because believe or not, she is walking the talk of an English teacher.

Sister, I have got your back.

And to all teachers who are also writers, WRITE.

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  1. company offshore
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 08:10:14

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