Finally, the hectic weekend is over and I am now digesting the experiences. AFCC (Asian Festival of Children’s Content) was a much needed breath of fresh air for me and I felt energized after attending the panels. SPORECON was a gaming convention organized by PI (Paradigm Infinitum) and it was much a community event as well as an eye-opening occasion for folks new to gaming.

We had the Genre Fiction panelon SPORECON day one and I have to confess: we needed more people! But it was great, because we had a new person attending the informal chat. We definitely needed more genre fiction people around. I admit that I felt a little disappointed at the dismal turnout… but I was partly to blame as I didn’t spend much time in advertising the event.

Now, AFCC and SPORECON in pictures:

The programme booklet on my lap, while I was attending Diane Wolfer’s panel on writing our experiences.

Diane talking to us in the Play Den (Art House). It was a good workshop in that I got myself back into writing again. She made the audience write three memories and the emotions associated with them: a childhood (under 10 years) memory, a teenage memory and a memory from recent years. After the workshop, I felt… immensely energized. I needed it, gosh, I needed it.

I also met Kelly Sonnack and Fran Lebowitz, two literary agents (though Fran is now a sub-agent). Meeting them is an immensely grounding experience, because I get a sense of what they want to see in YA and MG fiction. [I finally managed to pluck up enough courage to sub one of them… *fingers crossed*]

The industry hotspot conducted at the end of the day was very enlightening, in that the discussions threw up very pertinent questions relating not only to children’s writing but writing in general in Singapore. Writers need support and many still grope in the dark, even grappling with the lack of literary agents and a solid support group. We all need to take a hard look at the publishing scene/industry in Singapore.

SPORECON – two days of gaming, both wargaming, boardgaming and cardgaming, with surprises thrown in.

We had the 501 Legion gracing the convention. They conducted Droid Hunts where the Stormtroopers searched for hidden Droids (brave souls who signed up to be Droids). They all got prizes: a Jabba the Hutt and Han Solo figurine!

I am constantly amazed at the quality of painting. Well done, painters!

What is a convention without a birthday celebration? SPORECON is afterall about community. Kudos and many grateful thanks to all who have helped out in so many ways.

So, until next year…

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