A month and more

So, it has been more than a month now since Wolf At The Door was published.

The trick now is to keep the interest sustained. How am I going to do that? If you are a fan of the book (and hopefully, series!), perhaps you can…

1. Signal boost for me, wherever you can.
2. Post reviews either on your own blog or Goodreads.
3. Give feedback (feedback is like chocolate).

Perhaps you can come up with more better ideas. 😉

Various things

Just a list of things I have to do.

1. Post the write-up on the BubbleGUMM launch at Prologue.
2. Write the synopsis for book two (Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye).
3. Continue Rider and book three.
4. Work on promotion for my books: I need to get my namecards done.
5. Asian Festival of Children’s Content is next week!

What are your plans?

Seedbombs, the urban wasteland and writing

It’s late. The husband and kids are already in bed. I have a pile of essays to grade and some quiet time to think.

I have to admit that besides writing, gardening is one of my other passions. At the moment, I have a humble and rambling container garden, composed of dwarf trees, herbs, ornamentals and tropical vegetables. Yes, you heard right. Tropical vegetables, suited to the heat and humidity of Singaporean weather. I have Mollucan spinach growing as well as pots of “daun dewa” (or Gynura procumbens). I hope, in the future, to grow more tropical perennial vegetables.

Now this leads to my topic.

You see, I was chatting to a friend regarding the state of Singaporean writing and publishing industry. Our mood was at first pessimistic, because the challenges were too difficult to bear. A brainwave hit me. I suddenly saw Singapore as some urban wasteland. Empty space with dry soil and nothing else. An imagery of hopelessness. Yet, I see us – writers, authors and creators – as guerrilla gardeners, growing herbs, vegetables and plants that would nourish the body (and the soul). I see us throwing seedbombs – seeds stored in balls of clay and mud – into this urban wasteland and watching these seeds take root. Granted that some will not, but some will… eventually.

I think writing genre fiction in Singapore is like that: seedbombs in an urban wasteland. Some might argue that throwing seedbombs repeatedly is a futile act. But I beg to differ. We persist, we work hard and it will pay off.

What do you think, fellow writers?

PS: I have been reading up on perennial vegetables and my garden is flourishing with all the heat and rain!

The Best of Every Day Fiction Three is…

…already available.

No contributor copy for me, but it will be great if you purchase it in support of great writers!

YA chapbooks for sale

I have made The Basics Of Flight and Phoenix With A Purpose available for sale as chapbooks/novellas.

Phoenix With A Purpose: here

The Basics Of Flight: here

For YA fans, get them while they are hot!

Toad’s Corner featuring moi!

Toad’s Corner featuring J. Damask

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