YA saves

So there is an article by Wall Street Journal regarding YA being too dark for teenagers. There is outrage and #YASaves on Twitter is filled with touching stories and affirmation that YA fiction saves people at a time of strife, confusion and anger: the teen years.

The teen years are not all peachy-keen. Have you listened to a teen talk? Have you really really listened?

True enough, there are some cynical souls trolling on #YASaves. Yes, YA is literature. Some of the YA fiction out there is good literature. We get transfigured, changed, when we read/encounter good literature. It’s not because the money is there. It’s also not the cure all for cancer. It’s because YA does help people.

So, read, write YA. It’s for the readers out there. The teens and the adults.


So a sequel is in the works

Oysters, Pearls and Magic will have a sequel, of sorts. It is titled The Path of Kindness. But of course, I still need to deal with the other WIPs, wince.

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