Zenith and nadir

As writers, we know that the process itself is filled with ups and downs. I am going through one of the down periods at the moment – I am busy with the dayjob, with my kids and writing has taken a backseat. At the same time, my nerves have been frayed by current world issues. You can say that I am suffering from fatigue (and that I am still fighting off the virus that brought me low last week).

So, my mind turns to other things, beside writing. I itch to do photography. I pass by strips of wild/forest land everyday on the way to work. Verdant, lush, covered with morning glory vines and other types of creepers. Trees with bi-colored bark, branches bare, some draped in hanging moss and more vines. I can see bulbous Baya Weaver nests hanging on branches. The sight brings me joy… and perhaps, a whisper of writery inspiration.

I also read poetry by women poets. Their words are sign posts, spring water and wake-up calls. I listen to the soul-stirring songs by Adele, the undeniable poetry and strength of her voice.

So, I will ride out this nadir period. And hope to dream/write again.

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