STGCC – Pictures (Mega-Post)

Attending STGCC was an interesting experience. I was the weird white tiger with a sword.

The visuals were mind-blowing. The first “Wow!” was the 501 Legion’s display:

The second “Wow” was reserved for the cosplayers:

The Valkryie Knights also came as characters. Vworp vworp vworp!

Then you got the heavy weights like Marvel and DC:

Con-goers also got to interact with their favorite artists:

(Harvey Tolibao)

(Kieron Gillen)

Best of all, I got in touch with Ray Toh, a local artist, and chatted with him about Warhammer 40k. There are definitely creative and talented people in Singapore, like this:

(I didn’t get her name, but she drew a fantastic Wonder Woman!)

What I really want to see next year: More involvement from local artists and writers.

So, signing off, the white tiger woman:

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