Comics Xchange

At the Goodman Arts Centre.

For people in Singapore! 🙂

I will be having a booth on the 1st of October. There are also seminars and panels as well. 😉

W is for World SF

W is for World SF


The Translation Into Turkish campaign is still ongoing. Many thanks to the donors. At the moment, we have USD $35.

Likewise, for my YA sequel to Oysters, Pearls and Magic (my YA webfiction serial), I am crowdsourcing for recipes and favorite food from fans and readers. Please tweet or reply in the comments your favorite food recipes and food – they might be included in the story! Path of Kindness needs your ideas!

Please signal boost these two campaigns. Tweet about it, blog about it, talk about it – support diversity in SFF.

Review of Wolf At The Door

… at the Stockton Postcolonial Project


The joy of writing

The path might be curvy and downright impenetrable, covered with bramble and thorns. And yet I still struggle, still hack my way through.

I suffered a slight burnout. Basically wanted to give up on everything. Tired by the drama in the SFF world (and the fact that being a non-US, non-white author having to expend energy trying to say something…) and work. I felt unappreciated, drained and unloved. The burnout set in.

So, now I am basically writing for the joy of writing. This wolf will discover the hunt once more. The joy of the hunt.

Giveaway winners, do not worry. Sending the books out this week!

Harvest Moon

They say that the 15th day moon is always brightest. Happy Midautumn Festival to all.

It is also the Harvest Moon. Elsewhere, it is Happy Chuseok.

So, remember your own harvest(s) and cherish them.


Two phoenixes rise,
then they are gone,
leaving behind a golden feather.

— 9/11/11

Translation into Turkish Is A-GO!

Signal boost, blog about this – help me make this happen.

The money goes into the translation funds for my Turkish stories.

If I can’t meet the target, the money will be channeled into book production.

Thank you all!