Writecamp Singapore

…where I will talk about genre fiction in Singapore.

I can’t wait for Singapore Writers’ Festival.


Oysters, Pearls and Magic at the Pigeonhole

Oysters, Pearls and Magic is now being stocked at the Pigeonhole:

The Pigeonhole.

Life update and a bit of OMOE

So. Marking. The boon and bane of every teacher’s life. I have 140 scripts to mark and up til the 17th. At the moment, I am tackling the thickest pile. GAH. My eyes and gigantic leaps of logic, suspending beliefs etc. I end up marking their grammar.

My urban fantasy novel (book two!) is due to be released. I am not sure what or how to feel. Excited, yes. The first book has generally positive reviews, though the two-stars ratings do smart a little. A writer’s life – have to roll with the sticks and stones.

CxC – ComicsXchange: pictures!

I had a terrific time at CxC, both as a seminar presenter and a panelist. I also had a booth there, selling printed copies of Oysters, Pearls and Magic.

(Joelyn Alexandra helped me throughout the day. And many thanks to Avariel who joined us later. They had fun with my two girls during dinner – yes, Nashie is that active!)

Along the way, I also met Sarah Coldheart. 🙂

Above my booth was this fan with blades the size of helicopter blades. See something interesting?

I had some thinkery thoughts regarding CxC and local creative talent. But that’s probably another post for another day. For the folks who stopped by and bought the books, a big THANK YOU for your support. For the folks who browsed through the books, a THANK YOU too. 🙂

Meanwhile, check out the Facebook page for CxC: HERE. You might see me… 😉

Note: The price of a book is that expensive – that to cover the printing and shipping costs. Yes, shipping costs are the killer here…

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