Life, popularity contests and a PSA

A conversation on Twitter sparked this rambling post.

The publishing world is big on awards and popularity contests. Awards, accolades, praises and rankings define you as a writer. But does it make people who are not award winners less worthwhile? Are their books “lesser” in the views of people?

Perhaps, I am posting this because I am not an award winner nor am I a “bestseller”. My books do not dominate the New York bestsellers’ lists. My name is obscure. But are my books less worthwhile than the next award winner?

Different people have different tastes and preferences. Are awards indicative of such preferences? Or is the publishing world another high school, where people jockey for popularity? Does the handsome jock win all the time? Does the pretty cheerleader get all the awards? Or, is the geeky nerd a dark horse winner?

We will never know.

My challenge: Do not make publishing and authors a popularity contest. Every book has their merits. Not all books fit the square hole. Not all books can be pigeonholed.


I will be away for a while this week. I can’t wait to go to Bali.

For readers of Path Of Kindness, I have updated the Goodreads page for it. Likewise, check out its website: website.

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