I promised pictures (of the caterpillars!)

My older girl took home two caterpillars last Friday as part of a science experiment. She has been quite excited about it – the school is quite progressive in where it allows the students to blog about their caterpillars. So, when the caterpillars arrived, she was over the moon.

Now, I am not an insect expert (though I read a lot and is a plant/animal geek). I noticed that the caterpillars were… um… spiky. They were big fat black caterpillars with spikes/processes, feeding on leaves I thought I’d recognized. I quizzed older girl on the diet of the spiky caterpillars and she replied: “Mulberry”. I have two pots of mulberry plants (Morus alba, for the scientific-minded), but their leaves did not resembled the ones inside the container. They looked more like the ones of the Australian mulberry, not from the Morus species.

I did my research and voila – the caterpillars are the young of the Malayan Eggfly and they eat the leaves of the Australian mulberry (Pipturus argentus), a relative of nettles!

One caterpillar did not make it through the night. Its companion pupated.

Apologies for the blurry pictures though.


A guest post and Rider update.

… at Patty Jansen’s blog. Many thanks to Patty for giving me the opportunity to talk about Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye, sequel to Wolf At The Door.

I also found out that Wolf At The Door is also on the Nebula Awards Recommended Reading List. I am flabbergasted/shocked/happy/elated. 🙂

Likewise, Rider has a new spiffy cover done by Terrance “Wookie” Hoffman (website). He’s a great tattoo artist and cover designer as well! Many grateful thanks!

Rider is also available on Amazon Kindle: here – priced at 2.99 USD.

Chap Goh Mei/Yuan Xiao 2012

Have a beautiful Yuan Xiao and Full Moon. Let’s light the Lantern Festival with joy.

The fires of creativity are burning.

And so is Imbolc, the festival of lights.

February brings with it new beginnings and fresh starts. I am writing the first two pages for the sequel to Rider. I am writing – in sprints – Path Of Kindness. I hope to work on my urban fantasy novella as soon as it’s back from my beta-readers.

It will be Yuan Xiao on Monday. The 15th day of the Lunar New Years celebrations and a full moon to boot. It will be another day of family reunion. And best of all, it’s the Chinese “Valentine’s Day”.

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