Feminist SF: Tweets for the future.

I did a ‘reading’ at #feministsf over at Twitter. The excerpt is taken from Speaker, the sequel to Rider.

It is a sneak peak into what’s happening in Speaker. Here in this post, you get a longer version of the reading, with more.

Sarah and Daniel often visited me together. I hated how I would cringe when they appeared at the ICU. I didn’t look good, with my head shaved and all the tubes and wires attached to me as if I was part machine. I wasn’t Lifang. I was some machine with plastic tubes of gurgling liquid and wires for synapses. I raised my right hand and it was attached to an IV-drip. I shifted my torso and it was heavy with the heart-monitor.

Not only that, the nurses at the intensive-care unit were far more vigilant and fussy when it came to visitors. Sarah and Daniel couldn’t stay for long. They had to wear surgical scrubs and masks. Sarah gave me a rock she found during one of her missions. Daniel brought me a book on coastal trees. I spent hours admiring at the pictures and sketches of casuarinas. I memorized them. I made myself remember them even more. I traced the outline of the spiky brown seedpods, the feathery pine-like needles. I drew seedpods all over the book, along its margins and around the edges. Sarah told me that my plot was doing fine and that the saplings were still going strong. To lighten my mood, she loaned me a SOIL database slate so that I could go through the classification to while the time away.

Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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