Updatery in YA webfiction and life.

Path Of Kindness: Twelve: Kindness discovers Heart and finds joy in the blade. If you enjoy Path Of Kindness, please do signal boost, talk about it.

Life? Well, life likes to throw curve-balls at times. I found myself at the O&G clinic at our local maternity and women’s hospital last Thursday (Maundy Thursday). Next thing I knew, a sample was sent to the lab and I was sore as the day when I gave birth to my second girl. Hoping now that the sample is benign.

Here’s to a good Easter and week ahead.


Happy Birthday to Wolf At The Door!

On the 4th of April 2011, my debut urban fantasy novel Wolf At The Door was released into the wild. This post marks the FIRST birthday of this little novel who has since made its rounds, even into the Suggested Reading List for the Nebula Awards.

Wolf At The Door will soon appear in print and with a different cover.

At the moment, I am going to do a giveaway. The first person who replies in the comments section wins a PDF of Wolf At The Door.

Many thanks to the readers who have supported me throughout this year!

*** Extended giveaway – so, reply in the comments section***

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