In honor of Flash Fiction Day: Red Tide & Beast

The man’s eyes widened at the sight of the creature approaching with the stateliness of a stalled freight train. Around him the landscape hissed and burned.

A girl walked before the creature, a mere slip of a girl. Slight, yellow-skinned, walking confidently.

“Hai, girl, stay indoors! The Red Tide’s coming!” The man found himself shouting out the familiar words. Scared beyond his wits, he sought solace in familiar things.

Her eyes were bright, unusually bright. The creature let out a soft growl that shook the ground and sent instant fear through the man’s bones. It had red eyes, a wild leonine mane and fanged mouth like a … Fo-lion. The man started. The creature was a giant Fo-lion. In the crimson light, its fur was burnished bronze, like banked fire.

“I have this,” the girl inclined her head slightly to the creature behind her.

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