Path Of Kindness and of life updatery

Well, as folks would know, I have been searching for a job for a while now and there is a hint of light at the end of the tunnel (finally). So, if things go well, I have some spending power of my own. The only downside is that I might have to sacrifice writing time. My urban fantasy work-in-progress is now in temporary hiatus while Path Of Kindness, my YA web serial, would only be updated once… if I have the time.

Here is it, Path Of Kindness: Chapter Thirteen: Kindness meets Sa.

Many thanks to all who have been reading and supporting me all the while!

Only for a short time …

… this week:

Rider and Speaker together.

Want to find what happens next in Speaker?

Happy Vesak day.

(This is a Golden Lotus Banana plant)

Rider has found a home.

Budding Writers’ League has agreed to publish it. 🙂

More details coming.

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