In honor of Flash Fiction Day: Red Tide & Beast

The man’s eyes widened at the sight of the creature approaching with the stateliness of a stalled freight train. Around him the landscape hissed and burned.

A girl walked before the creature, a mere slip of a girl. Slight, yellow-skinned, walking confidently.

“Hai, girl, stay indoors! The Red Tide’s coming!” The man found himself shouting out the familiar words. Scared beyond his wits, he sought solace in familiar things.

Her eyes were bright, unusually bright. The creature let out a soft growl that shook the ground and sent instant fear through the man’s bones. It had red eyes, a wild leonine mane and fanged mouth like a … Fo-lion. The man started. The creature was a giant Fo-lion. In the crimson light, its fur was burnished bronze, like banked fire.

“I have this,” the girl inclined her head slightly to the creature behind her.


Non-Western SF Roundtable

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“Oh yes, globalization is insidious. Everyone is equal. Shrinking world. Blah blah blah. Everyone holds hands and we are friends. No. The scars of colonization are still there. Many former colonies are left with the issues to deal with.”

A guest blog about Wolf At The Door

Here. 🙂

Path Of Kindness and of life updatery

Well, as folks would know, I have been searching for a job for a while now and there is a hint of light at the end of the tunnel (finally). So, if things go well, I have some spending power of my own. The only downside is that I might have to sacrifice writing time. My urban fantasy work-in-progress is now in temporary hiatus while Path Of Kindness, my YA web serial, would only be updated once… if I have the time.

Here is it, Path Of Kindness: Chapter Thirteen: Kindness meets Sa.

Many thanks to all who have been reading and supporting me all the while!

Only for a short time …

… this week:

Rider and Speaker together.

Want to find what happens next in Speaker?

Happy Vesak day.

(This is a Golden Lotus Banana plant)

Rider has found a home.

Budding Writers’ League has agreed to publish it. 🙂

More details coming.

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