[Flash Fic]: Neo-Skin

I wrote this for an anthology, but gave up half-way. So, this short flash belongs to the “Off-Side” category. I was toying with the idea of skin colors and how if we would change our skins…


I cycled through the racks of neo-skins, my heart pounding. I was unsure if I was going to make the right choice. Oh hell, I think I am going to hyperventilate or something…

At last, my fingers paused and I lifted the neo-skin out from the rack, examining it in the bright light of the store. It was a “light-tone” skin, of the “Caucasoid” range. I stared at the label: “Cream”. I hated it. It sounded like food.

My free hand went down my hips. I didn’t look at the mirror. “Cream”. I skimmed through the other labels. “Tawny”. “Alabaster”. “Ruddy”. “Sandy”. How trite. “Cream”. I should at least look at the appropriate range. I dreaded finding something like “Lemon meringue”.

So was I “Cream”? And would the neo-skin change me as the brochure’d claimed it would?

I showed my tag to the bored-looking saleslady and slipped quietly to the changing room, hating how my calves chafed. Once inside the tight cubicle, I shut the curtain and removed my clothes.

Oh, god. The reflection in the mirror had a permanent frown on her face. The neo-skin draped like a second skin on her naked body.

I inserted one leg after the other, careful not to fall over. The neo-skin felt velvety, smooth, as I tugged it upwards to fit my hips. I felt as if I was being moulded, shaped. For a moment, I stopped. There was no turning back.

The skin slid up my chest, cupping my breasts. Then my transformation was complete. My neck felt tight and I tugged at the collar.

The reflection shook her hair, glowing somewhat under the lighting. She lifted her arms, twirled around. The neo-skin had removed any trace of pubic hair. She was sexless. I was sexless.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yearzerowriters
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 07:16:35

    very interesting idea well handled. Loved the idea of going into a changing cubicle and the ending was excellent.

    marc nash


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