Due to unforeseen circumstances…

The print release of Wolf At The Door might be delayed.

Thank you for your patient wait – right now, it’s time to crunch numbers and re-think everything.

I have thoughts regarding this. I am not going back to crowdfunding, since I need a large readership or fanbase to make it work. I am probably a nobody in the larger scale of things. So, even though Kickstarter or Indiegogo looks tempting, I am not going there. Note: Crowdfunding will not work if you are a nobody or a small fry.

I am going to crunch numbers. Yes, you heard that, right. Out of my own pockets. And I have to sit down and think business, with business plans and schedules. No Singapore Writers’ Festival deadline, since I don’t think we could make it in time. It would be a rushed job if I tried – and it would be wrong, both to myself and to my readers.

Perhaps, it’s just me. I am just too stubborn to ask for money. It’s just NOT me. So, honest thoughts here. Hope you all would understand where I am coming from.

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