Oysters, Pearls and Magic

Oysters, Pearls and Magic is now on Wattpad.

Path Of Kindness reaching its end?

I have decided to put Path Of Kindness on hiatus. Its last chapters will be posted by the end of the year. One reason is the lack of readership and the second (and closely linked) lack of interest. I have debated with myself over this. I don’t think the interest is there in YA SFF with clearly Asian or POC characters. Likewise, people are still not interested in web fiction. No use beating a dead horse over this issue.

Note: On hindsight, the interest is there, but glacial-slow.

Reviews of The Apex Book of World SF II

Reviews, including my story “The Sound of Breaking Glass.

Pictures and A Story

I have just returned from Penang! Here are some selected pictures!

And finally, a short story – Natural from my collection of short stories released under Envisioning. What happens when we start growing our own food? (Warning: totally raw and new!)

The obligatory STGCC post.

Due to some idiot (me) forgetting to charge her smartphone (and that my good camera had died a good death), there was a significant drop in pictures taken during STGCC 2012.

Here are the selected few.

This year’s Artist Alley was bigger and the range of local content more diverse. I like. Also, hat tip to Collateral Damage and Boey. Excellent work, guys!

My daughter attended her first con! Here we had fun at the Legion’s booth… and shot Boba Fett. They were doing a good deed: donating proceeds to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

So, onwards to next year.

Featured on Lorna Suzuki’s Blog!


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