Just for Halloween and Samhain.

Oysters, Pearls & Magics and The Basics of Flight are free.

The Basics of Flight.

Oysters, Pearls & Magic.

Nanowrimo Kick-off 2012

Pictures as promised:

Also: Talked about PUBLISHING. Locally, internationally and in between. Traditional vs self. Editing. Blurbing. Genres. Synopses, query letters and pitches. Yes, it ain’t a free lunch out there, folks. (EDIT: Also, before I forget – self-promotion and marketing for the author. Book trailers and stuff. Be yourself, folks. Just be yourself.)

And of course, AYAM CURTAIN. 🙂

Important things to remember!

One: AYAM CURTAIN cover reveal!.

Two: The Basics of Flight ebook, only 99 cents. (Smashwords: Link)

Three: For Rider readers, it will be out probably after Singapore Writers’ Festival, mid-November!

Ayam Curtain cover reveal!


Launching at Singapore Writers Festival, 4PM on Sunday, Nov 4 in the ilovebooks.com Pavilion at SMU (Singapore Management University).

Love mice? These ones speak volumes.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing Cloudywind/Rhys Leong‘s comic White-Chans Go Tour Liaoz…and found myself loving the cute white mice. I first encountered the White-Chan mice when their creator illustrated the Green and Lady White stories. I love the humor and honest observations about travel and Singaporean life (if you check out the blog).

White-Chans Go Tour Liaoz takes you around Asia, such as Taiwan and Siem Reap. I have to admit, the photographs make me salivate – I like to eat, you know. At the same time, I love looking at travel photos. The illustrations make the experience more fun and true. Dusty roads? Check. Yummy food? Check? Different cultures? Check.

I am a supporter for local artists and writers. Five thumbs up for the comic!

(image credit: Amazon).

I got a Beautiful Blogger award

Many grateful thanks to Ashtoreth Eldritch:

OMOE’s first anniversary, and a link.

Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye’s first anniversary is around the corner (7/11). So, gentle readers, what would you like to see for the celebrations?

At the meantime, get some Wolf At The Door merchandise. 🙂

If you are new to the Jan Xu series, start here. Hopefully, Wolf At The Door will be printed… eventually, with a new cover.

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