Free fiction today.

A story – novelette-length – and from Envisioning, a collection of speculative fiction I wrote a while back.



Poetry… and life in general.

These two weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster. A close family member is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The repercussions of the news are now rippling through the entire family. It will be a difficult end-of-year for us and a more difficult 2013. Rider‘s 2013 release is a bright spark in this general doom and gloom.

I am again looking for a job. It’s not easy for me to talk about this and I am not the type of person to ask for money. Pride, perhaps, is still strong inside me. And pride is preventing me from talking about money woes and stuff. So, if you can, buy my books. The royalties are not enough to cover my living expenses, but at least, it’s income coming in.

And now… something I have been working on.

I wonder how Singaporean honey tastes,
You know, does it taste
Like car fumes, cigarette smoke
And urban housing as thick as forests
Over taking real trees and real flowers
That still grow along the roadside
Brave like the sun.


And I won. My own personal challenge (again). The YA trilogy. 75k words and above. I am proud of myself.

ISF #1 free for download!

ISF #1

ISF #1 Cover

Out next week!

Ayam Curtain’s Launch at Books Actually (Pictures Included!)

November the 16th was memorable, because it rained and it poured. Yet, people filled the aisles of Books Actually and kept coming in. Before we go into the photographs, let me thank all of you for turning up for the launch and staying for the Writers’ Bar later (grateful thanks to Alvin). Much plotting was had. 😉

Now the pictures…

(Alvin Pang reading A Better Place – Seems my phone got him in mid-action! The story was fun and amusing and provocative.)

(Ang Si Min reading World-hopping on Wings, a delightful tale about traveling between worlds!)

(Gwyneth Teo tells us about Battery, an awesome story with triple wordplay and poignant tropes)

(Ivan Kwan talks about big raptors in TaunGaruda – He’s such a tall lad in person!)

(Jason Erik Lundberg weaves a haunting and sweet story in Hidden In The Leaves)

(Joelyn Alexandra paints a grim tale about conformity and colorlessness in Unwanted Utopia I)

(Lina Salleh writes a story aimed at Tumblr users, but I love the ending too – so scary. Read Artifact #IN-327)

(Yuen Xiang Hao read Halcyon Days, a lyrical tale about halcyon days and our yearning to go back to them)

And lastly, the Books Actually crowd:

Once again, thank you all beautiful people!

November: Going-within Month

In lieu of what’s happening in my life (sickness in close family member/job woes/stuff), I am going within. My personal hibernation.

What does November mean to you?

Interview with Needle In The Hay

Interview here.

Needle In The Hay is also open for submissions for the ROSA Award.

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