WriteCamp Singapore 2012

I gave a talk about the editor/author relationship via the Internet, stressing on the need for professionalism on the part of the author. Remember to keep calm and carry on. Remember that the editor is also human and has his or her work to complete. Quite surprised many asked questions, including the million-dollar question about royalties. I am glad too to see folks staying and asking me more questions. There are many young and coming writers out there who need information on where to publish and how to write – say – a query letter. It’s high time we help them. Support networks – friendships – are important.

As Alvin Pang has said during his talk, it’s not just publishing and getting your work out there, it’s also about friendships over social things like coffee, meals and even meeting up. So, writers, do not worry. Meet up for chats, assorted beverages and intellectual (and physical) back rubs. Your friends are also part of the writing process. It’s a community.

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