Some food-related excerpts from Phoenix With A Purpose

Hot steam plumed in the air, issuing forth from various stations manned by harried servants. There were sounds of chatter and of chopping. The smells were overwhelming. All heat and steam. A young chef was decorating a dish with a carved edible figurine of a bird in flight. Two women were slicing fresh sea-carp into paper-thin petals, placing them onto fine porcelain plates to be served raw with a savory dip. Steamers with sweet and savory pastries were lowered into the cookers. A group of apprentice cooks was mixing sauces, ladling thin soy into delicate sauce bowls and blending spices into glutinous pastes.

Fei added a pinch of sea salt into the broth fei was making. It was a seafood broth, with cooked clams opened up like little pink butterflies and red crustaceans with bristly feelers and claws.

The cook beside fei regarded fei curiously. “You are new.”

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