All In! picture and a flea market

Yesterday, I was part of a panel on New Wave Literature talking about the nitty gritties of writing as a craft and an artform. I was touched to see so many young writers out in the audience and I hope what I had said helped ally fears or answer questions. After the panel, I was asked questions – keep asking, keep talking, it helps! 🙂


After the panel, I had to leave early and met up with the VK gang. We went to the Public Garden flea market at the National Museum. I tasted the best cupcake in my whole entire life. 🙂


In short, an awesome Saturday. 🙂

The All In! Young Writers’ Media Festival

Only for Singaporean folks:

A bit late with this, but I will be in a panel with Kenny Leck of Books Actually and Melvin Sterne on the 23rd of February. Venue is the National Library Building:

New Wave Literature
11.45am – 12.45pm
Possibility Room

Story up on the World SF Blog

Eagle Feathers.

On Catherine Lundoff’s LiveJournal

…where I talk about Chinese werewolves.

Thank you, Catherine!

Help (Redux)

I have to do this again. I am putting out another call for help.

NOW our finances are not coping very well with the medications and vet bills – plus the fact that I am currently looking for a job and the economy is not treating the family well, of late.

We are basically struggling to make ends meet over here. Of course, I would really like it if I get a job and help pay for everything. (Or if money would just fall from the sky… that would be nice, but miracles are like mirages in the desert)

The stress is pretty much fraying my nerves and eating up my insides (metaphorically). I am starting to dread waking up everyday – but I have to stay positive as much as I could, until I fall over or something.

I need about 5,000 SGD to tide us through this and next month, just to pay bills, get groceries and to cope with assorted emergencies Life has decided to throw at me.

If you can help:

BUY MY BOOKS direct from Lyrical Press:
Wolf At The Door
Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye

Wolf at the Door on Amazon

Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye on Amazon




If you have PayPal, you can donate directly at sabersger at yahoo dot com.

Edit: I am trying out Payza: If you want to donate, use sabersger at gmail dot com.

If you dislike PayPal, you can contact me to discuss alternatives at sabersger at gmail dot com.

Signal boost, retweet on Twitter, post on Facebook.

Please help. I would be really really grateful.

EDIT: I am also trying to come up with a proper fundraiser page at the moment. This page will be the interim page for now.

Lunar New Year fiction: Green Beginnings

Green wets her finger into the bowl of water and gently curves an arch on the yellow wonton skin. Deftly, she folds the wonton into half. Done, the wonton joins the rest on the plate, filled with juicy meat and chopped chives.

Her jie-jie will enjoy this New Year treat.

She can hear the fire crackers outside as the town welcomes Spring and chases away the old year with riotous sound. Within the quiet courtyard, the sound of the popping fire crackers is clear and loud. Somehow, Green feels joyful. Spring always brings joy and laughter. The hibernation indoors is driving her up the wall. She swears she has paced her bedroom floor bare.

The pot of water is boiling on the fire stove. She places each won ton into the bubbling water and they sizzle their way in. With a smile on her lips, she blanches the greens.

It is their year. Year of the snake.

What things will she see?

Will there be good luck all the way?

Green sincerely hopes so. The old year has been dragging her spirits with its disappointments and tragedies. Her jie-jie, Lady White, has gone through too much aggravation. Trouble with stupid self-righteous monks and spineless human males who wring their hands all the time. This new year is so promising. Shed the old skin and emerge fresh, young.

She is going to be an auntie.

Now to serve the won tons and greens with new chopsticks and freshly sliced young ginger. Promise makes Green walk with quick steps.

Part of the Green and Lady White universe.

Announcement: Heart Of Fire

Heart Of Fire has found a home!: Masque Books, the digital imprint of Prime Books. It will launch in July 2013.

Lunar New Year special: Tale of Yin

Tale of Yin, a duology of both Of Oysters, Pearls & Magic and The Path of Kindness.

Interviewed by SciFiMagpie


New story up.

Looking For Trouble: Wattpad and Smashwords

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