Lunar New Year fiction: Green Beginnings

Green wets her finger into the bowl of water and gently curves an arch on the yellow wonton skin. Deftly, she folds the wonton into half. Done, the wonton joins the rest on the plate, filled with juicy meat and chopped chives.

Her jie-jie will enjoy this New Year treat.

She can hear the fire crackers outside as the town welcomes Spring and chases away the old year with riotous sound. Within the quiet courtyard, the sound of the popping fire crackers is clear and loud. Somehow, Green feels joyful. Spring always brings joy and laughter. The hibernation indoors is driving her up the wall. She swears she has paced her bedroom floor bare.

The pot of water is boiling on the fire stove. She places each won ton into the bubbling water and they sizzle their way in. With a smile on her lips, she blanches the greens.

It is their year. Year of the snake.

What things will she see?

Will there be good luck all the way?

Green sincerely hopes so. The old year has been dragging her spirits with its disappointments and tragedies. Her jie-jie, Lady White, has gone through too much aggravation. Trouble with stupid self-righteous monks and spineless human males who wring their hands all the time. This new year is so promising. Shed the old skin and emerge fresh, young.

She is going to be an auntie.

Now to serve the won tons and greens with new chopsticks and freshly sliced young ginger. Promise makes Green walk with quick steps.

Part of the Green and Lady White universe.

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  1. Jenn Grunigen
    Feb 19, 2013 @ 18:50:11

    So lovely.


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