Help (Redux)

I have to do this again. I am putting out another call for help.

NOW our finances are not coping very well with the medications and vet bills – plus the fact that I am currently looking for a job and the economy is not treating the family well, of late.

We are basically struggling to make ends meet over here. Of course, I would really like it if I get a job and help pay for everything. (Or if money would just fall from the sky… that would be nice, but miracles are like mirages in the desert)

The stress is pretty much fraying my nerves and eating up my insides (metaphorically). I am starting to dread waking up everyday – but I have to stay positive as much as I could, until I fall over or something.

I need about 5,000 SGD to tide us through this and next month, just to pay bills, get groceries and to cope with assorted emergencies Life has decided to throw at me.

If you can help:

BUY MY BOOKS direct from Lyrical Press:
Wolf At The Door
Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye

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If you have PayPal, you can donate directly at sabersger at yahoo dot com.

Edit: I am trying out Payza: If you want to donate, use sabersger at gmail dot com.

If you dislike PayPal, you can contact me to discuss alternatives at sabersger at gmail dot com.

Signal boost, retweet on Twitter, post on Facebook.

Please help. I would be really really grateful.

EDIT: I am also trying to come up with a proper fundraiser page at the moment. This page will be the interim page for now.

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