Slowly pulling through: update

Thank you for your replies and thoughts. I really appreciate them. It’s been a week since my grandma had passed away and little things still trigger moments of deep sorrow. I grieve most for my dad who had so tirelessly looked after her in the four months right up until her passing. I saw him crying at the funeral and it tore at me.

I am slowly pulling through, getting back onto my feet.

This month is end of Lent, Easter, Ostara, resurrection and rebirth. So much to learn from it, listen to it. I want my own rebirth, my own rising-up-from-the-ashes, hence my phoenix icon. I identify so much with Phoenix it appears frequently in my stories, in my dreams.

Let this week be a good week.

I am also dealing with people whom I think I should not engage further. Unfortunately, they are part of a media agency I am writing for. Even I have already put in my letter of resignation, they are still acting like smug assholes, without a smidgeon of EQ whatsoever. So I am going to endure these 3 weeks until my last day in April. Hope the school contacts me again.

So, rebirth. I need it.

This is still on-going.

Will write something about the Spec Fic tea party on Saturday…eventually. 😉

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