At least, things are moving

At least, things are moving for Rider-related stuff. Page proofs are in and they look gorgeous. Right now, I am also encouraged to start the sequel to Phoenix With A Purpose.

Hopefully, with this, things are looking up.

Oh hai…

I started work on Monday. Back to a proper school.

And… Stuff on my Tumblr. Sneak peak into things I am working on at the moment and… things you want to ask me.

The Book of Imaginary Beasts: Urban Fantasy

Here: I have a story there, titled Running From Shadows. A kind of Jan Xu prequel.

1st August release date for…

We See A Different Frontier.

It’s back, not for good though.

I wish my money woes would go away, like magic, but again, I got hit by Reality this morning.

Really hoping that the fundraiser would take off.

Now, if you can help:

Help Me.

New story!

Swiftlets Cover1ab

So, kiddies…

So, release and launch of Rider has been pushed back until late July. No AFCC and pushing now for SWF.

So sorry for the delay…