Fiction! Anthologies! Whee!


We See A Different Frontier: A Postcolonial Speculative Fiction Anthology is now available for sale. I share TOC space with many science fiction greats. Grab a copy today!

The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic will be launched during World Fantasy Con. I have a story in there too.

If you are interested in my urban fantasy series, try Wolf At The Door first, and then Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye. Wolf also has a print version. 🙂

A bit of Friday Flash: Paper Ghost

The library caught fire easily. Generations of papyri, oiled skin and vellum crackled as the fire spread like malicious dragon illnesses.

She couldn’t do anything. Instead, she ran, ran, ran. Out into the cold, into the night air of the Month of Fallen Rice. When the fire ceased and the library was all black, all ash, she walked back in. The pain tore into her. She knelt down and marked her face with the black ash that was books rendered into nothing. Downward her fingers slashed. Marks of grief, marks of aversion. Her eyes bled black ash.

She couldn’t speak for a while. She refused to speak. She went on, a pale shadow slipping in and out of hard reality. The malicious dragon illnesses seemed to catch her and play her like felines toying with rodents in the grain silos.

When she finally spoke – a soft ‘Uhm’ – the library was in the midst of rebuilding. She made her way to the building, her second home, noting how light she was. When she entered, she was surprised to see carts and carts of books carried in by porters. The walls were bright once more, now brick and concrete. The shelves soared before her like sentinel trees, like xiessi pines. Then she heard the conversation.

“Thank the gods for donors!”

“Without them, the library will surely die!”

“Chief Librarian will be so glad. I miss her.”

She turned and saw something else. Two red candles, flanking a porcelain plate glazed with blue varnish. It carried gao, a sweet cake. It was tucked in a corner, next to the main doorway. Why was a death-shrine doing in the library?

She felt lighter and lighter as if she had grown wings, like a fairy out of some myth. She opened her mouth to draw attention and spat out a stream of ash and paper. A gentle breeze blew in and blew her away. She dissipated, from bottom to top, ashes whispering in small swirls. It was the Month of Candle Flame, a time to sweep the graves.

Cover reveal for RIDER

YA science fiction, set on a desert planet.


Fiction, over the long weekend

I posted two full chapters from Dark Claw on Wattpad:

Dark Claw

And… a were-lion story set in – you guess it – Singapore:


Have fun!

The first chapter of Dark Claw is up!

Drake and dragon fans, the first full chapter of Dark Claw is up:

Chapter One

And here’s the mock-cover:


The release of Heart Of Fire

… will be delayed.

So sorry about that. 😦

Dear readers, I have failed you. I am so so sorry about it.

A little help, please?

I hate doing this, because this sounds like blatant begging. But hear me out here:

Let’s boost Wolf At The Door to at least the 1,000th position on Amazon.

Yesterday, I received a rude shock. I only sold one copy in July.

So… this experiment I am going to conduct…

Let’s kick it, boost it, whatever you could.

Here goes: BOOST IT TO THE 1000

(I mean, there are people who claim to have sold thousands of copies of their stuff… Then let’s make it happen, shall we?)

And at the same time, let’s help Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye shine. This is the sequel to Wolf At The Door. But nobody seems to notice it, poor thing! Let’s help signal boost the book out of the stratosphere! Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye.

Let’s do it, people.

Note: And… I am excited about Heart Of Fire. Can’t wait it for it to be released!

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