A little help, please?

I hate doing this, because this sounds like blatant begging. But hear me out here:

Let’s boost Wolf At The Door to at least the 1,000th position on Amazon.

Yesterday, I received a rude shock. I only sold one copy in July.

So… this experiment I am going to conduct…

Let’s kick it, boost it, whatever you could.

Here goes: BOOST IT TO THE 1000

(I mean, there are people who claim to have sold thousands of copies of their stuff… Then let’s make it happen, shall we?)

And at the same time, let’s help Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye shine. This is the sequel to Wolf At The Door. But nobody seems to notice it, poor thing! Let’s help signal boost the book out of the stratosphere! Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye.

Let’s do it, people.

Note: And… I am excited about Heart Of Fire. Can’t wait it for it to be released!

EDIT: If you have Facebook, ‘like’ the the Myriad series FB page dedicated to the series and the world of the Myriad.

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