This is what I am basically working on…

“Show me, Galliano. Don’t just mouth me words. Show me. Prove me right that you are a kind-hearted ex-soldier who ran away because you hated war. Show me.”

He simply nodded and said nothing. Perhaps words were just superfluous at this point in time.

“Then I will be in the kitchen,” I said, terminating the conversation.

We made dumplings, Cantonese style, with minced meat mixed with chopped chives. The broth was a simple chicken-flavored consommé, drizzled with sesame oil and soy sauce, with a liberal garnish of chopped spring onion. Mother and I didn’t talk much, just letting our fingers fold the dumpling skins into the shape of ingots and half-moons.

Dinner was a quiet affair. The children were silent. They saw what Po Po had done. I think it frightened them. Kai Fung was still refusing to talk. I worried about my littlest. She was only four.

I am on medical leave at the moment. My body has failed me again. Cue three hours at the Women’s Clinic at KK Hospital (local women’s hospital). Cue swaps done. Cue medication. Cue soreness.

So, I am doing… stuff. Writing my work in progress, planning the edits and revision for Heart Of Fire.

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