Speaker launches next week, you ready?


Speaker launches next week during Singapore Writers’ Festival 2013, you ready?

First Branch: The She-Oak

Oysters, Pearls and Magic, a YA story that started as a web serial.

Oysters, Pearls And Magic

I woke up to dappled shadows, waving gently, as if I was underwater. The spots of shadow and light shimmered, stirred into motion by the cool breeze. With a soft sigh, I sat up, stretching my body.

It was a new day.

The bed was still warm with two distinct hollows, one with hints of sea salt and another of masculine musk. I was sandwiched in-between, cupped and spooned. I smiled. They protected me far too much.

Children’s laughter drifted from the open window. Morning classes had begun. I was due to give a lesson in about two hours’ time. The tree branches rustled softly, whispering their songs. Their green reminded me of the seaweed fronds. I was far away from home for a long time. At times, I felt like the lone sea-oak in the courtyard.

Josh had the she-oak planted when she was just a sapling. She took…

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Author Interview: J. Damask

Thank you, Rochita, for giving me the opportunity to talk about my stuff! 🙂



Wolf at the Door is the first in a refreshing Urban Fantasy series set in Singapore. Singaporean writer, Joyce Chng, is the woman behind the byline J. Damask. In this interview she talks about inspiration, the struggle for visibility and diversity and influences.

Would you like to share some of the inspiration behind Wolf at the Door? 

Wolf At The Door was a product of a challenge. I basically challenged myself to write an urban fantasy novel set in Singapore with a character I could resonate with and relate to. That with my love and fascination for wolves – and I was set to go. Chinese wolves, why not?

I wanted to see a character who was not your typical urban fantasy (or what the current trend for urban fantasy entails) hero with leather tights and lovers in a harem. I wanted to see a character who is now grown…

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Excerpt: ‘Moon Shadow’ by Kelly Matsuura



As the editor for ‘Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories’, I selected my own stories to include last. I like writing myth-based stories too, but I already had 4 submitted from other authors, so I decided to include this ninja story, Moon Shadow as it is a straight fantasy YA piece. Although come to think of it, there are some traditions and myths surrounding ninja  and even Japanese magic that I put into my story!

Here’s a short scene with the main character, Moon Shadow, about to go on a mission:

Moon Shadow

It was getting dark. Moon Shadow put on his boots, and double-checked his weapons and magic pouches. Confident that he was prepared, he covered his head and face with a black scarf.

His best friend, Creeping Mist, came to join him fully dressed as well.

“Ready to go?” He stretched his shoulders and wrists.

“I’m ready. Is it just…

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Halloween and Yule sale!

Hi all, it’s Halloween and Yule soon. It’s time for sales!

Buy Wolf At The Door (print book). With gorgeous cover artwork by Nathalia Suellen (Lady Symphonia)!

Every book sale helps!

Book Review: Wolf at the Door by J. Damask

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Reviewed by Rowena C. Ruiz

Wolf at the Door is a tale of two sisters: Jan and Marianne Xu. They belong to a family of shape shifting wolves who live in Singapore.   Living peacefully and interacting with the human population,  Jan Xu, the protagonist in the story,  not only introduces us to the otherworldly denizens who live in the city, she also reveals to us that among the wolf clans there are those who are unable to change into wolf form.  They are called the non-shifting ones.  Marianne, Jan’s sister is such a one.

Damask’s wolves have a  good grasp of their identity and exhibit a healthy outlook of life.  They celebrate their differentness but do not consider themselves in anyway superior to others.  They exercise caution when it comes to revealing their true selves but are not overly suspicious of others.  They have accepted and adapted to living alongside…

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Excerpt: ‘The Bakeneko’ by Holly Kench



Holly Kench is well known for her hilarious comic strips about her alter-ego, Olive, but did you know she can write creepy YA, and haunting adult Literature, both based on Japanese folklore? Well, she certainly can! I was lucky to receive two submissions from Holly and I love both stories dearly. Here’s an excerpt from The Bakeneko (YA):

The Bakeneko

I huddled in my bed, my quilt pulled up around my neck as though the warmth of the fabric could protect me. I couldn’t stop shivering as I watched and waited.

The family cat, Ayumu, sat at the end of my bed, licking his paw. Unconcerned by my rising terror, he stood up, padded around the end of my bed in a circle, and sat back down. Without warning, his head shot up, tilted to one side and his feline eyes, which were always a little too human, bore into…

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That time of the year, again.

As Halloween/Samhain draws close, it’s time to take stock of what’s happening/has happened in my life. It has been a year of ups and downs – books are published, books are submitted etc. My personal health is another roller-coaster ride.

At the time, Heart Of Fire is now going to be published by Fox Spirit Books. The Rider Trilogy is finally about to launch, with Rider and Speaker being released.

Dear readers, please support me by buying my books and assorted swag. 🙂

Excerpt: ‘Megumi’s Quest’ by Joyce Chng

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Joyce Chng’s story, Megumi’s Quest is the second story in Insignia: Japanese Fantasy Stories. I met Joyce through Visibility Fiction and really love her edgy, Asian, urban-fantasy short stories. She’s a great YA writer and I’m thrilled to have her work in this anthology 😀

Here’s the opening scene:

Megumi’s Quest

Megumi heaved herself up the cliff, her fingers raw and tender from gripping the sharp-edged nooks and crevices. Her thighs felt as if they were on fire. Beside her, the wolf, Tetsu, tackled the ledges with surefootedness, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he panted.

Once over this cliff, we will be done with the challenge, she told herself.

She pushed up, up, up, and finally reached the top, panting. At least, her spiritual body was far healthier and agile than her physical body, connected via a tenuous silver cord. Megumi glanced at Tetsu who joined…

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Awesome review of We See A Different Frontier

Under the Radar

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