Book Review: Wolf at the Door by J. Damask

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Reviewed by Rowena C. Ruiz

Wolf at the Door is a tale of two sisters: Jan and Marianne Xu. They belong to a family of shape shifting wolves who live in Singapore.   Living peacefully and interacting with the human population,  Jan Xu, the protagonist in the story,  not only introduces us to the otherworldly denizens who live in the city, she also reveals to us that among the wolf clans there are those who are unable to change into wolf form.  They are called the non-shifting ones.  Marianne, Jan’s sister is such a one.

Damask’s wolves have a  good grasp of their identity and exhibit a healthy outlook of life.  They celebrate their differentness but do not consider themselves in anyway superior to others.  They exercise caution when it comes to revealing their true selves but are not overly suspicious of others.  They have accepted and adapted to living alongside…

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