Author Interview: J. Damask

Thank you, Rochita, for giving me the opportunity to talk about my stuff! 🙂



Wolf at the Door is the first in a refreshing Urban Fantasy series set in Singapore. Singaporean writer, Joyce Chng, is the woman behind the byline J. Damask. In this interview she talks about inspiration, the struggle for visibility and diversity and influences.

Would you like to share some of the inspiration behind Wolf at the Door? 

Wolf At The Door was a product of a challenge. I basically challenged myself to write an urban fantasy novel set in Singapore with a character I could resonate with and relate to. That with my love and fascination for wolves – and I was set to go. Chinese wolves, why not?

I wanted to see a character who was not your typical urban fantasy (or what the current trend for urban fantasy entails) hero with leather tights and lovers in a harem. I wanted to see a character who is now grown…

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