First Branch: The She-Oak

Oysters, Pearls and Magic, a YA story that started as a web serial.

Oysters, Pearls And Magic

I woke up to dappled shadows, waving gently, as if I was underwater. The spots of shadow and light shimmered, stirred into motion by the cool breeze. With a soft sigh, I sat up, stretching my body.

It was a new day.

The bed was still warm with two distinct hollows, one with hints of sea salt and another of masculine musk. I was sandwiched in-between, cupped and spooned. I smiled. They protected me far too much.

Children’s laughter drifted from the open window. Morning classes had begun. I was due to give a lesson in about two hours’ time. The tree branches rustled softly, whispering their songs. Their green reminded me of the seaweed fronds. I was far away from home for a long time. At times, I felt like the lone sea-oak in the courtyard.

Josh had the she-oak planted when she was just a sapling. She took…

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