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JoyceI’m thrilled to introduce Singapore-based fantasy and science fiction author Joyce Chng to you. She’s been kind to let me interview her about her latest YA science fiction trilogy The Rider Trilogy, her writing, and diversity in science fiction literature.

I’ve talked with Joyce on Twitter for a long time and have thought about asking her to guest my blog for a while. When she launched the first books in The Rider Trilogy a few weeks ago, I just had to. The gorgeous covers got my attention first. But then I realized that this trilogy also seems to be the kind of science fiction I love to escape into: The struggles of descendants of Earth colonists on a far away planet and their interaction with alien inhabitants, but written by a woman and with other perspectives than what I’m used to read within these genres.

What is The Rider…

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Which faction do you belong to?







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Rider by Joyce Chng

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So Many Books, So Little Time

I should know better than to start anything Joyce has written before bed. It guarantees I will be up long past my bed time. Happens every time.

But oh, what a problem to have. Joyce has a way with words that makes mundane things like getting to bed early enough to be well rested for work tomorrow seem irrelevant, far away. As soon as I started Rider, I more or less knew I was doomed to be up with the sun, and I was quite alright with that. The desert world she brings us to, with its encroaching sands and talented Agri-seers working with plants to try and keep the dunes at bay and people fed, is so real and dangerous and engrossing and is peopled with characters that breathe and hurt and love. I was content to be held captive.

Lifang has always been able to make plants…

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The Book of Phoenii is back.

The Book of Phoenii: a web-book/journal/serial about the phoenix.

“Names: A New Perspective” 4th Edition

Shadowhawk's Shade

A little over a year ago, I started a guest post series on the blog where I invited two authors every week to talk about names in fiction. I gave them a fairly open brief for it, to talk about what kind of naming conventions they used, what the names of their characters, etc meant, whether they went for certain resonance or what have you. The result was dramatic and outstanding. Every single guest post proved to be well-worth the read, to say the least, and I received tons of feedback from all of you, saying that you liked it.

In August, I posted the last guest post and then took a long break since I had kind of run out of authors to contact at the moment and just wanted to take some time off in general to let the whole idea gestate for a new version down the…

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The Alchemy Book of Urban Mythic is available


The Rider Trilogy – Rider and Speaker available for sale.

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A Wolf's Tale

The Rider Trilogy is a YA SF set on a desert planet in the future. Lifang is an Agri-seer who dreams of becoming a Quetz Rider. Meng is a Hunter or a wild Quetz and who (according to the experts) is not meant to be ridden. But when Lifang encounters Meng at a waterfall, a bond between them develops, one that could lead to the fulfillment of Lifang’s dream.

Published by Math Paper Press (imprint of Books Actually), Singapore.

NOTE: They are now available for sale at Books Actually and on Amazon Kindle as well.

BUY Rider (Amazon Kindle)
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BUY Speaker (Amazon Kindle)
BUY Speaker (Gumroad)



Interested book reviewers and bloggers can contact me at sabersger at gmail dot com for the eARC of Rider.

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Cover reveal for (print) Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye

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A Wolf's Tale


Credit goes to Lady Symphonia who also did the Wolf At The Door cover. 🙂

And… plans are set in motion.

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Double Happiness!

DOUBLE BOOK LAUNCH: 12 December, Books Actually, 7.30pm. RIDER and SPEAKER.

Cover reveal for (print) Obsidian Moon, Obsidian Eye


Credit goes to Lady Symphonia who also did the Wolf At The Door cover. 🙂

And… plans are set in motion.

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