Guest Author: Joyce Chng

Thank you Margret! 🙂

Margrét Helgadóttir

JoyceI’m thrilled to introduce Singapore-based fantasy and science fiction author Joyce Chng to you. She’s been kind to let me interview her about her latest YA science fiction trilogy The Rider Trilogy, her writing, and diversity in science fiction literature.

I’ve talked with Joyce on Twitter for a long time and have thought about asking her to guest my blog for a while. When she launched the first books in The Rider Trilogy a few weeks ago, I just had to. The gorgeous covers got my attention first. But then I realized that this trilogy also seems to be the kind of science fiction I love to escape into: The struggles of descendants of Earth colonists on a far away planet and their interaction with alien inhabitants, but written by a woman and with other perspectives than what I’m used to read within these genres.

What is The Rider…

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