The Rider Trilogy – Rider and Speaker available for sale.

The Rider Trilogy is a YA SF set on a desert planet in the future. Lifang is an Agri-seer who dreams of becoming a Quetz Rider. Meng is a Hunter or a wild Quetz and who (according to the experts) is not meant to be ridden. But when Lifang encounters Meng at a waterfall, a bond between them develops, one that could lead to the fulfillment of Lifang’s dream.

Published by Math Paper Press (imprint of Books Actually), Singapore.

NOTE: They are now available for sale at Books Actually and on Amazon Kindle as well.

BUY Rider (Amazon Kindle)
Buy Rider (Gumroad)



BUY Speaker (Amazon Kindle)
BUY Speaker (Gumroad)



Interested book reviewers and bloggers can contact me at sabersger at gmail dot com for the eARC of Rider.

Thank you so much!

To the folks who attended Speaker‘s launch!

Rejoice, the two books from the Rider Trilogy are available!

On Amazon Kindle, that is.



Have fun!

November starts!

Singapore Writers’ Festival!

(Speaker‘s launch is on the 7th of November, Binary Pavilion, SMU, from 7 to 9pm).


(I am writing, ok?)

Talk At Bishan Library on the 10th of November

(Where I gibber about urban fantasy, mythological creatures, from 5 to 6pm)


(Preparing for Yule/Christmas!)

Also, my urban fantasy novels were published in November too – so, it’s anniversary month for me.

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